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"She was very energetic about the subject and made the time go by quickly. Great material and a great knowledge of the subject.'

"Everything about this presentation was excellent. A lot of knowledge!"

"I loved her presentation!" 

"Best CE course I've ever had.  Great, knowledgeable speaker and wonderful PowerPoint.  Loved the video clips!" 

"Excellent speaker, engaging, well-informed."

“We have had Amber Riley speak at our meeting in 2016 and are bringing her back in 2017 due to popular demand.  Not only did she receive high marks on our attendee surveys, she is a very dynamic, knowledgeable and personable speaker.  She is very quick to respond to our correspondence, and has been gracious enough to write articles for our scientific dental journal.   We love having Amber on our program and plan on having her back in the future!”

-Paula Tait Lerash, CEM Texas Dental Association

"GREAT SPEAKER. Knowledgeable, very easy to follow, very applicable to day to day practice.

Funny and entertaining.  Really good job!" 

"Past courses have been so boring! This one was wonderful!  GREAT JOB!

"Very entertaining speaker, especially for such a hard subject to teach and keep interesting"

"Very informative, good visuals, good examples.  I enjoyed the course, Amber is a great speaker!"

"Favorite presentation of the convention."

"Fun Class, kept my attention! 

"She is one of the best presenters I have listened to.  This course was great! Slides were great! Information up to date!" 

 "I was honored to have as one of our distinguished lecturers Amber D Riley, RDH, MS.  Her presentations on Oral Pathology and Forensic Dentistry were among the top five most attended sessions, her evaluations and reviews were excellent.  She was a pleasure and a joy to work with.  She is definitely on NODC’s “return list”.  Her professionalism and dedication were an inspiration to all who attended her presentations."     

-Gustavo M Coutin DDS,  2015 General Chairman of the New Orleans Dental Conference

"Outstanding presentation!!! Nicely spaced, very informative, funny, very helpful!" 

"I was much more engaged than I thought I would be. Very interesting material and delivery.  Great speaker! Would recommend to my peers."

"Absolutely brilliant and dynamic! Best oral path presenter in 30+ years."

"Excellent course! Very clear slides and images, easy to apply the relevant information" 

"WOW!!!  Congratulations and welcome to "Prime Time".   Just reviewed the numbers from CDA Presents SF '16...  To say you "Hit it out of the park" with your Oral Path lecture would be an understatement. Very high reviews from our attendees and meeting scouts. Your program will surely "Go Viral"!!! (pun intended)."

-Mark Romanelli, DDS CDA Presents Board of Managers 

"I completely enjoyed her presentation.  It was a great review and update of current oral pathology" 

"Big surprise for a usually dry topic.  Very good speaker!!!" 

Amber definitely sets the bar from a meeting planners standards. She responds promptly, organized, delightful personality and passionate about lecturing. All of her attendee evaluations were rated excellent. It is apparent she enjoys lecturing and would be an asset to any meeting.

-Jane Evans, Southwest Dental Conference 

"Seriously the best class here! Her manner of teaching was very engaging and she really knew the information"

"Amber is a fantastic communicator.  Her presentations are dynamic, up to date, and full of impact.  She really knows how to get the message across to all who listen.  Amber proves her intelligence and mastery of exceptional speaking skills whenever she engages her audience. She is a leader in our dental community who continually gives back and leads the way.  She is part of our "Education Team - Scripps Oral Pathology Service," and has inspired dental specialists, general dentists, dental hygienists and assistants all over the USA.   If you have the opportunity to hear her speak, don't miss out! "

-Curtis Chan, DDS - Scripps Oral Pathology Service

"Amber is a dynamic speaker and a joy to listen to.  Her passion for what she does comes through as she speaks."

-Craig A. Chan DDS, Scripps Oral Pathology Service 

"WHOA, Best oral path course I've ever taken.  Entertaining, great refresher for Dentists and Hygienists"

"Her course and level of expertise on dental forensics brought interesting and relevant subject matter to dental professionals yet was delivered in an upbeat and engaging manner.  Her laser course met and exceeded our state’s requirements for this technology for hygienists. Amber's outstanding technical knowledge and real world experience utilizing this tool in clinical practice lent reliability to her course and the applications for use of lasers in periodontal therapy. Most of the course reviews ended in "bring her back!"

 -Catherine Martin RDH, President of Madison Area Dental Hygiene Association  

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