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Certified Medical/Dental Cost Projection Specialist  CMCPS 

Medical Cost Projection is the process of reviewing records to determine future cost of medical services. It is based on medical record review usually covering a portion of the care: in most cases, the last two years.  The Medical Cost Projection report is a condensed document that provides an estimate of items and services that an injured or disabled person will, in all probability, require.  This report can be used in mediation, settlement negotiations and also in setting aside funds. It may also be used in the process of litigation.

I hold CMCPS Certificate #016 issued by the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC).  I am qualified to provide forensic/legal evidence-based cost projections for reserves or settlements of personal injury and Workers' Compensation casework.  

I am a collaborative resource with Certified Life Care Planners (CLCPs) for comprehensive oral-facial and dental care cost projections within Life Care Plans.   Contact for fee schedule, referral form available below.

ICHCC Credential Listing:

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